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Let’s Get Dressed: Attire for a Flight Attendant Interview

The first piece of advice before any interview is to do your research. You should know the company’s history, mission, values, and vision. You should think about whether or not YOU are a good fit for the company’s culture and environment, and your interview look should be tailored accordingly. For those pursuing the dream of becoming a Flight Attendant, it has been said that it is probably a good idea to mirror the airline’s uniform as closely as possible.  Below, I have put together some interview attire examples according to each airline.

1. Jet Blue Uniform


Style Suggestion:

Below is a classic blue suit with a fun pattern underneath. If you’re going to do a pattern, it is crucial that it is not distracting; No Hawaiian or floral prints. Also, the rest of your look should be simple; No chunky jewelry, head bands, or open toed shoes.

interview outfit3

2. Delta Uniform


Style Suggestion:

I would add a blazer to this look and tie the scarf in a less dramatic way, but this look is great for Delta because their signature is RED, but you always want to remain conservative. This look helps the recruiter envision you in their uniform. I’d also like to note the bag. Many people forget the details apart from the suit, but they are important! You don’t want to show up with a bag that doesn’t match and doesn’t look structured.

interview outfit5

3. US Airways/ American Airlines Uniform

US airways

Style Suggestion:

US Airways and American seem to be a bit more conservative, so I would follow suit. Conservative colors like Navy, Gray, and White pull together nicely. Please note that her ensemble is still fitted correctly and all tied together with matching belt, shoes, and understated gold watch.

interview outfit1

4. Southwest/ Airtran Uniform

southwest airtran

Style Suggestion:

Southwest and Airtran seem to like the traditional uniform but many photos show the Flight Attendants with their hair loose instead of pulled back, which gives a fresh youthful appearance.

interview outfit2

5. Spirit Uniform


Style Suggestion:

Normally, wearing orange or bright striking colors is not advised for interviews, but for this career, I think you need something to help show some charisma and cheer. This look gives a slight pop of color and creativity. Make sure to anchor the scarf in place as instructed, and I would wear a white collared shirt as well.interview outfit6

6. Virgin America Uniform


Style Suggestion:

Virgin America is all about being polished and sexy. Their uniforms are flirty with a dramatic red color, sophisticated scarf, simple makeup, and perfectly styled hair. Below is a slightly more professional take for the interview.


*All photos are from company websites, pinterest, and google image search. The uniforms were the most up-to-date I could find, but are not guaranteed to be each airline’s company standard. 


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