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Attention to Details… Nailing the Flight Attendant Interview Look

This is Part II of my original post about Interview Style for a Flight Attendant. This part will focus on Hair, Nails, Makeup, and shoes.

Here are some polished hairstyles that only take a few minutes to pull off. Just make sure you practice and watch tutorials on YouTube if you still don’t feel comfortable with the look.

1. The Cinnamon Sock Bun

This is a bit different than the generic sock bun that everyone else will inevitably be wearing. Instead of rolling all of your hair through the sock bun, leave some pieces out, twist them around, and bobby-pin in place.

cinnamon sock bun

2. The Bump and Part

Follow the images so you end up with a side-swept part in the front, followed by a bump and a low bun.

bump and part

3. Braided Bun

If you’re a lady with braids, you can still style them into a side part and low bun, or loop. Just make sure that the clips or pins that you use are not visible.

black hair

4. Cross Bun

This is a low loop at the bottom, followed by two side-pieces of hair that are criss-crossed on top. SO elegant!

cross bun


Wild Colors

dont 1

Too Much Teasing

dont 2

Hair Ornaments or Crazy Styles

Dont 4

Makeup Looks

The key to good interview makeup is this: neutral, muted tones with matte texture. If you don’t know what any of that means, then ask someone at a makeup counter and they will match your skin with the perfect tones. Bold color is ok and can make you stand out, but you want to stand out in a good way, so use sparingly. You should avoid doing more than one bold feature (for example: smoky eyes, bright red lips, and lots of blush) and avoid anything glittery/shimmery. Take a look at the photos below for inspiration…

makeup1 makeup2 makeup3 makeup4 makeup5 makeup6 makeup7sophisticate 4sophisticate 5sophisticate 3sophisticate 2sophisticate 1

Makeup Don’ts:

Anything vampiresque.

dont 7

Smoky eyes. Kris Jenner is always in violation of this rule. Just because you’re wearing a blazer doesn’t mean your night-club eyes are professional.

dont 3


Nails should be short, manicured, and either neutral or red. Period.


Nail Don’ts

Long nails. Just because you got them done at a salon and paid for acrylics doesn’t mean they’re appropriate. You don’t want to look like the Long Island Medium in a Flight Attendant interview.

Today - Season 62

On the right, YES. On the left, NO.

Theresa Caputo's Nails

Nail art.

Dont 5


Shoes should be closed-toe, short heels. In other interviews, flats would be acceptable, but not for a flight attendant.



The Shoes below are from Payless and are simply fabulous. You don’t have to spend a hundred dollars on good interview shoes.


Shoe Don’ts

Bright colors

shoe dont1

Glitter or distracting ornaments.

shoe dont2

Wedges or open toes.

shoe dont3

Platforms or spike heels. I know these ones are to die for, but trust me they are not professional.

shoe dont4


shoe dont5

I’ll leave you with this image of Marilyn Monroe in an interview because she nailed it like a BOSS, and that was 65 years ago.



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