New Ways to Wear Flash Tattoos for Fall

Flash tattoos are the best thing that happened to this summer, and they’re still going strong. The hottest celebrities are going crazy for the trend and let’s be honest- when was the last time you could actually buy something that Beyonce or the Jenner girls, Kendall and Kylie, have worn? Umm, pretty much never. Flash tattoos are a style that anyone and everyone can afford to get in on and it turns out they are super versatile. We’ve seen them on the beach, at the club, and of course at festivals and concerts. Now that summer is coming to a close, I wanted to give some new ideas on how to keep rockin the look going into the fall season.
1) Profesh
So summer vacation is over and I’m back in the office (yawn) but who said I can’t accessorize my suit with a little bling? Flash tattoos can be understated too, so to comfort my post-beach-separation anxiety, I’ll just bring a little shimmer to the board room with some gold “bangles” or classy rings. When I reach for the stapler, my coworkers will have to look twice to know they’re not the real thing.


2) Sporty
Nothing says Fall like good ‘ol American college football, so why not turn some heads at the tailgate party? This year, I plan on adding some gold glitz around my Gator jersey and I know some FSU chicks who would totally rock these arrows.



3) Jewelry Replacement
I am a total bauble snob who is hooked on jewelry, but sometimes my bank account and my jewelry box just can’t handle my gold obsession. I LOVE how flash tattoos are the best way to keep up with all the different accessory trends. There are so many different combinations and since you apply them directly to your skin, you get the perfect placement every time.
jewelry 2

jewelry 3


4) Gifts
Everyone has a different style and taste, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t look good in some shiny jewelry. I plan on stocking up on these little golden wonders to give as gifts throughout the holiday season. They’re budget friendly and guaranteed to get the “OMG I’ve been wanting to try these!” squeal. Also, it’s been a long time since I was able to buy one type of gift for every woman in the family, so hallelujah that flash tattoos work for almost any age, I just hope they can handle being that freakin fabulous.

jewelry 4
5) Holiday Party Look
I get so bored at holiday parties when everyone wears a LBD (little black dress). This year I want to stand out with flash tattoos. They’re a great conversation starter for those awkward ‘I don’t know anyone, how did I get invted to this?!’ moments.